Whether you are interested in organic practices or taking your grow operation to the next level, we are always here to help. Our relationships with farmers and producers is important to us and all information is held in confidentiality. Our vision is to see everyone producing high quality products organically, even if it's not with us.

Our Relationships With Farmers & Growers

At Goliath Grow, we operate a little differently. We value and appreciate our farmers and growers, locally and abroad. Long lasting relationships with producers are important to us. It's more than just day-to-day operations, it's about helping those who feed everyone else. It's about supporting the small, local farmer and grower alike, who support the community.

Our goal is to help farmers produce clean, healthy, sustainable products to benefit the community, and use clean practices to benefit the environment. 

Issues Farmers face


All farmers are faced with the same issues. Minimizing expenses, combating environmental / pest pressures, maximizing yields and securing a place in the market. With competition at an all time high and market prices at an all time low, will you survive? 

The biggest issue we see in the cannabis industry is new companies getting into the green rush with no real farming knowledge or experience. They usually spend a fortune on synthetic nutrients, then of course all the pesticides, fungicides and boosters needed to go with it. By the time it hits market, they realize the return for chemically grown cannabis is not the millions that they had originally drawn up in their business plan.. Majority of the farms we've seen have lost most of the first harvest to pests or mold, some didn't even pass testing. Only to get pennies on the dollar for the next harvest. Cash flow gets low, checks begin to bounce and investors start backing out. 

Organic farming has been tried, tested and proven for thousands of years. Why would you do anything else? Especially risk such a big investment like a farm..  

Organically grown crops receive the highest returns, have the largest yields, are the best quality, are the most demanded, are sustainable and protect the environment. 

What Can We Provide?

  1. Process improvements to increase crop yields and quality
  2. Implementation of best sustainable organic practices
  3. Site selection and facility design / set-up
  4. Organic propagation - cultivation
  5. Genetics, phenotype selection
  6. Soil health / ecology
  7. Implementation of Korean Natural Farming, Veganic, Probiotic, NoTill, Living-Soil
  8. Integrated Pest Management
  9. Nutrient deficiencies, environmental and pest pressures
  10. Compost teas, ferments, foliar sprays
  11. Team education and training  
  12. Open community of support 
  13. Our all organic soil & plant conditioner, Mothers Milk


Let Us Know How We Can Help

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