Whether you are interested in organic practices, or taking your grow operation to the next level, we are always here to help. Our relationships with farmers and producers is important to us and all information is held in confidentiality. Our vision is to see everyone producing high quality products organically, even if it's not with us.

Our Relationships With Farmers & Growers

At Goliath Grow, we operate a little differently. We value and appreciate our farmers and growers, locally and abroad. Long lasting relationships with producers are important to us. It's more than just day-to-day operations, it's about helping those who feed everyone else. It's about supporting the small, local farmer and grower alike, who support the community.

Our main interests are assisting growers to produce clean, healthy, and sustainable products to benefit the community, and clean practices to benefit the environment. 

What Can We Provide?

  1. Process improvements to increase growth yields and quality
  2. Implementation of best organic practices
  3. Site selection and facility design / set-up
  4. Organic propagation - cultivation
  5. Genetics, phenotype selection
  6. Soil health / ecology
  7. Implementation of Korean Natural Farming, Veganic, Probiotic, NoTill, Living-Soil
  8. Integrated Pest Management
  9. Nutrient deficiencies, environmental and pest pressures
  10. Compost teas, ferments, foliar sprays
  11. Team education and training  
  12. Open community of support 
  13. An all organic soil & plant conditioner, Goliath Grow

Goliath Grow

We are finishing up trials for the season. If you haven't already, this is a great time to try Goliath Grow in your garden or farm, and share how it has helped you.

  • Interested in ways to improve quality or yields organically?
  • Dealing with Powdery Mildew/Mold or Pest Pressures?
  • Farming in tough conditions and wanting to give your plants a boost?
  • Looking to introduce new minerals to support soil or plant health?

The first bottle is on us. If you are interested in running Goliath Grow in your garden, get in touch below and tell us a little about yourself!

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