It turns out plants need more than just N-P-K to thrive. A crucial and the largest component of soil is the mineral portion. Minerals account for 45-49% of soil. Soil minerals play a vital role in soil fertility. They perform a number of functions, including helping plants absorb water, adjusting soil pH, providing essential nutrients to plants and feeding the microorganisms. Negative and neutral charges found around soil minerals influences the soil's ability to retain important nutrients, such as cations, contributing to a soils cation exchange capacity (CEC).

Over the years natural erosion has washed away essential soil minerals in many areas. In parts of the world where these minerals have accumulated, farmers have seen dramatic results. Crops grown with the minerals show significant increases in yields, plant health, resistance to harsh weather and pest pressures. Communities who consume these crops are healthier, happier and generally disease free, compared to neighboring communities who lack the soil minerals. In recent years, lots of research and studies have been done on minerals because of this. 

At Goliath Grow, we have identified a blend of water soluble rare earth minerals, from these areas which are beneficial to soil and plant health. We responsibly source the minerals from different parts of the world where erosion has washed away and left them. From there we filter the raw material with our proprietary process which is lengthy and precise. Once filtered, we bottle and redistribute the minerals back to you. 


Mothers Milk is a unique blend of highly concentrated water soluble rare earth minerals, which boost the plant and beneficial microorganisms. Mothers Milk increases efficiencies throughout the plant increasing yields, quality, and resistance to environmental and pest pressures. Once in the soil, it works to feeds the beneficial microorganisms, which feed and protect your plants. Since Mothers Milk is soluble, it can be watered directly in the soil, added to compost teas, even used as a foliar spray. On the leafs, its easily absorbed working to feed the plant while combating mold and Powdery Mildew issues. 

Mothers Milk is designed for organic and Living-Soil gardens. Perfect for use in NoTIll, Korean Natural Farming, Probiotic and Veganic grows. It can also be added to any existing grow set-up or recipe. Use from germination, all the way through harvest. Apply as root-ball/drench and a foliar spray. Add to compost teas, ferments, compost piles, worm bins, hydroponic and aquaponic systems.


  • Cannabis Farms - Medical & Recreational
  • Hemp Farms       
  • Agriculture
  • Viticulture
  • Fungiculture
  • Urban Farms
  • Nurseries
  • Florists
  • Forest Restoration
  • And More!

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