Feeding Our Communities

Part of our initiative is helping communities feed themselves through a Community Supported Agriculture program. CSAs are not a new idea, they have been around for quite some time. We hope to further develop this type of program and make it accessible to everyone in the community, both the haves and have nots, locally and abroad. Everyone deserves access to fresh, sustainable, organic food.

Traditional vs. Philanthropic Programs

Our plan is to create CSAs in communities all over. We are starting locally and branching out while also working in communities internationally and overseas. These CSAs will run two different models. The first will operate as traditional CSAs do: the food will be accessible in the community at a nominal fee for either pick up or delivery. The second is a volunteer oriented and philanthropic option. The needy, low income, and homeless will have the option to volunteer to maintain the CSA. In return, they will receive the fruits of their labor, literally. Taking home fresh produce, free of charge of course, in return for their hard work. For the people unable to volunteer due to various reasons (single parents, physical limitations, medical conditions, ect) we will help supply them with fresh free food as well.

Design & Technique

Many growing techniques have proven to be effective in metro environments: rooftop gardens, greenhouses and aquaponic systems, to name a few. We will work to implement these designs in the city where applicable. For the suburbs, our idea is pretty neat. Our plan is to first start growing in abandoned gardens throughout the area. On top of that, we will transform water-sucking, high-maintenance yard lawns into beautiful, fruitful, luscious gardens. In the areas with harsh conditions, we will work with their particular environment to implement strategic, sustainable growing techniques, based on their specific needs. All organic and chemical free, of course.

Future Locations

We are always looking to help feed new areas. If you know of a specific area in need, and have a contact in that region, please send their info our way. We would love to assist wherever we can.  

Learn more about what a CSA is in our blog post!

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