The Best Insects for Natural Pest Management (Free PDF)


Here at Goliath Grow we strongly believe in farming that does not rely on the heavy use of synthetic chemicals. To us, there is always a natural and effective alternative that won't compromise environmental health or your own well-being. Many people commonly spray insecticides on their crops in order to protect them from damage caused by pests; however, one of the best solutions is to use ecology and to promote a diverse population of natural predators. Natural predators will help reduce the amount of harmful pests that attack your crops and ultimately help maintain an orderly garden. There are a plethora of beneficial insect species out there and the first step towards ensuring that they survive, arrive or get purchased for your garden or farm is to be able to properly identify them.

So in this blog post we have created a beneficial insect guide featuring a total of 29 critters that can be used for natural pest management. We've included their descriptions and photos as well as their favorite harmful pest to prey on. Although this is by no means a fully comprehensive guide, it should provide a good starting point for anyone interested in completely avoiding or at least significantly reducing their use of insecticides. Please note that descriptions depicted in this guide are simply guidelines for the most commonly observed characteristics of these species. We understand that what you observe in your own garden or farm may be different than what is featured in our guide as certain bugs adapt their color to their surrounding environment.

With that said we are so excited to share this knowledge with you! We've provided you a total of 20 pages full of information on these incredible arthropod stewards and we hope you find them useful.

So enjoy and go see what's crawling or buzzing around your land!

Download: Insects for Natural Pest Management Guide