How to Build a Three-Bin Compost System (Free PDF Guide)

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At Goliath Grow we believe in providing you with useful information that can help you boost the efficiency of your garden or farm operations. In this blog post, we are pleased to share an efficient and cost effective method for an entry-level compost system that you can build in a short time with little effort.

Most compost storage options are extremely expensive for people on a tight budget, ranging anywhere from $100 to $500+, but one of the cheapest options is to use wood pallets. In our downloadable guide: "How to Build a Three-Bin Compost System" we've diagrammed step-by-step what you'll need to have your own robust composting station that will last for years.

Although this guide provides a basic solution for storing your compost, we encourage you to modify the system any way you want. Some modification ideas may involve adding a catchment system to help collect any liquid nutrients that leak from the compost or even adding doors to close off each of the bin areas. The choice is entirely up to you! Feel free to share your designs with us in the comments section of this blog or on our Facebook page. Good luck and have fun setting up your own compost area!


Download "How to Build a Three-Bin Compost System"