Why We Started Goliath Grow

Goliath Grow was discovered from a passion for organic growing. We started to become aware of and concerned with our modern day food system and all the pitfalls it has. As a civilization based around convenience, we have lost sight of quality versus quantity, sustainability over profitability, and nutritional value over pretty packaging.

Taking a step towards change, we decided to grow our own produce. Starting out with a small garden in our backyard, we eventually expanded to growing indoors. Surprisingly enough, our crops turned our urban concrete jungle into a peaceful oasis escape. Each year our garden grew and grew, and we gained more and more experience as time went on.

Putting hours of research into organic, sustainable growing, we became good at it. Sharing the crops with our family and friends felt extremely rewarding which made it worth all the hard work. And because we were enabling them to consume clean, organic food and medicine for the first time, we started to change the way they thought about organics. It now became a conscious decision of what they were putting in their bodies, rather than a careless convenient craving.

To our amazement, we started receiving more requests for our crops. Couldn't grow them fast enough. It was then obvious that there is an increasing, everyday need for healthy, organic, sustainable food and medicine.

Looking for natural ways to increase our production and combat some of the struggles that organic growers face, we discovered something very special. We discovered Goliath Grow...

Our Vision - Educated, Sustainable, Organic Growing

Goliath Grow is not just another organization, Goliath Grow is a movement.

Our vision is to make sustainable, organic food available to everyone while preserving the environment. Food prices are at an all-time high and humans, as well as our planet, are unhealthier than ever before.

Why has there not been a bigger push for change?

How much longer can we afford to sustain the abuse we put on our bodies and the environment just to live “comfortably”?

If we aren’t the generation who brings change, then who will?

With world population expected to exceed nine billion people by 2050, how much time do we really have?


Supporting sustainable, organic agriculture and helping pivot the way we eat and the way we live, for a healthier you and a healthier future.


We Are Sowing Three Seeds To Bring Our Vision To Life:


1. Motivation for education

The longevity of our existence as a human race is dependent on two things: how we sustain our bodies with the food we grow and how we sustain the land we grow it in. Conventional agriculture produces chemically-salvaged food with lower nutrient and antioxidant contents. Tainted practices simply won’t sustain us in the long run. As a society, we can take back our food system, but that starts with educating and inspiring as many people as we can to change.


2. True Philanthropy Is Enabling Self-Sufficiency

The true mark of a civilization can be found in its efforts to provide for its most helpless members. We’re talking about the homeless and low-income families within local and distant communities as well as families who don’t have the time or creativity to invest in their nutrition.

We aim to implement a CSA program--local gardens to grow sustainable, organic produce by the people, for the people. 


3. Improve access to food by Sustainable, Organic Growing with Goliath Grow

So how do we feed an ever growing population without depleting our resources? The solution is local growing, powered by the community, organically. Critics of organic agriculture say it’s more expensive because the yields aren’t as high, but numerous independent studies shoot down the lower yield myth. Even at 1/5th less capacity, our current system produces more than enough food for everyone on the planet. 

Eradicating world hunger requires increasing the access to food, not simply the production. Also, increasing the proportion of agriculture that uses sustainable, organic methods of farming is not a choice, it’s a necessity. We simply can’t continue to produce food far into the future without taking care of our soils, water, and biodiversity
— Claire Kremen, Professor of Conservation Biology at UC Berkeley

Although we produce enough food to feed the world, our current system is polluted. Our produce travels so far when there is no need for it to and our crops are genetically altered to thrive with pesticide use. In the words of Andrew Kimbrell, founder of the Center for Food Safety,  the biotech industry hasn’t actually “done anything for consumers". There’s “no better taste, no more nutrition, zero benefits,” and a number of “potential risks.”

Join us in our initiative to grow better food, eat cleaner, leave the soil in better condition, not worse, feed those who can’t feed themselves, and make healthier options more accessible.