Are you looking to take your grow to the next level? Goliath Grow, focuses on helping farmers produce superior products organically and sustainably. We offer professional consulting services as well as our flagship product, Goliath Grow - Mothers Milk. 

Mothers Milk, is a unique blend of rare earth minerals which boost the plant and beneficial microorganisms.  Goliath Grow - Mothers Milk, increases efficiencies and transfer energy throughout the plant which increase yields, quality, and resistance to environmental and pest pressures. Once in the soil, Goliath Grow helps feed the beneficial bacteria, fungi, and microbes. As a foliar, Goliath Grow feeds the plant while combating mold and Powdery Mildew issues. 

Mothers Milk is perfect for Korean Natural Farming, No-Till farming, Probiotic and Living-Soil gardens. It can also be added to any existing grow set-up/recipe. Use from germination, all the way through harvest. Apply as root-ball/soil feed and a foliar spray, and add to compost teas, ferments, compost piles, worm bins, hydroponic and aquaponic systems.

Our vision is to make quality, sustainable, organic products available to everyone while preserving the environment. Join us on this journey to help educate and produce clean food - medicine for our community and yours.

Goliath Grow

A sustainable, organic plant & soil conditioner designed to take your grow to the next level. Our products use rare earth minerals which help feed the soil, beneficial mircrobes and plants. 


Have a question about our product, starting a trial, growing organically, or would like a consult? Reach out to us to learn more about what we have to offer.

A Healthy Future

Our goal is to bring education, sustainability, and healthy, organic growing to the people. We are not just another organization, we are creating a movement.

Community Supported Agriculture

Helping support our communities

We work with local communities to set up gardens for all to enjoy. We make a point to give access to low income or homeless individuals through volunteering at the gardens. We believe everyone has the right to quality, natural, and safe food. 

looking for new locations

We are always looking for locations and opportunities to set up new CSA's. If you know of an area in need, or are interested in working with us to set up a new garden, follow the link below to learn more!

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